Top 10 Blog Post Ideas – How To Create Traffic Without Using A Controversial Topic

blog post ideas

You’ve come to the right place for blog post ideas. Here you’ll find some fantastic resources and ideas for your blog posts. If you are creating content for a website, consider having one of these posts, or several of them, about a specific niche. When people visit your blog, they will be searching for information of interest to them. Therefore it makes sense that your content should be informative and entertaining. Let’s take a look at some ideas for blog posts you can write.

Fun Blog Post Ideas

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Learning is for everyone, and learning is fun. There are so many things to learn on the Internet. There is almost never a time that won’t provide someone with something new and exciting. Consider researching a particular hobby, sport, political opinion, or even an interesting fact for educational blog posts.

Educational Blog Post Ideas

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When considering educational blog post ideas, think about the needs your target audience has and find ways to provide information and knowledge that will satisfy your readers. For example, if you have a blog about the different ingredients used in making cupcakes, you may want to educate your readers. How would you go about teaching your readers about the differences between yellow and white cake ingredients? Would it be helpful to teach them about gluten-free cookbooks or other alternative means of learning how to cook?

Too Many Talk Posts

Have too many blog post ideas? I have too many friends who just talk but never write. There is nothing wrong with this; however, it takes away from the quality of your content. Do you know what happens when you have too many blog post ideas? Your articles get boring and repetitive, and you don’t get any traffic.

No Worrying About Worrying

There are a few blog post ideas that should not be included here as they are borderline self-parody, and it would spoil the article, for example. If you are writing about how to bake a three-tiered cake and someone asks you how to stop icing the top off, you shouldn’t answer with, “I just used my magic wand.” Instead, tell them you found a book on how to stop icing the top off and then explain why it is a bad idea. This is similar to someone famous revealing a secret that no one else knows.

No Real Inspiration

You could write a whole book on the number one reason people don’t take action, but I can give you a short and perfect example. There was a post on Ultimate Guide to Traffic Generation, and it was written by Robert Cialdini. If you were to read the blog post, you could see that there was no supporting evidence that this method actually works.

No Top 10 Tips or Hints

The final three blog post ideas on this list were all about what could be considered controversial. A controversial idea basically means that it is new, controversial, or different. Something controversial generally gets at least a few eyeballs, if not thousands. One of the three bloggers that mentioned Oprah had a whole post dedicated to explaining why she gets so much attention. It wasn’t really controversial so much as it was something new, different, and had never been discussed before.

Bottom Line

All in all, these three top ten blog post ideas were not really controversial. They were all about new, fresh, and different ways to increase traffic to your website. For example, instead of writing about how to sleep train a dog, you could write a post that has nothing to do with sleep training at all. This is similar to using the Ultimate Guide to Traffic Generation and getting lots of traffic without necessarily using a controversial topic.

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