Self Employment Ideas Earn Money Blogging And Others For Beginners

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The last few years have introduced people to the idea of virtuality; from business to learning. Online businesses are now in vogue and the trend is to work from home. Hence, as a beginner, there are numerous online business ideas you should consider. 

Having an online business gives you more time to yourself, your family, whilst also being self employed and financially free. You’ll also have a flexible working schedule, thereby escaping the rigid work time. This post discusses some self employment ideas earn money blogging and others for beginners.

Create A Blog And Monetize It

A person sitting at a table using a laptop computer

Creating a blog is a timeless online business idea. It is especially easy to start a blog these days. More advantageous is if you’re able to monetize your blog, then you’ll be on the verge of financial freedom. However, maintaining and eventually monetizing your blog is no small deal. You need to have a niche, and then consistently post SEO-rich contents according to your niche.

Your posts should either entertain, educate or inform readers, so as to grab their attention and keep them coming for more. To monetize your blog, you could implement Google ads, sell ad space to businesses, sell your products or ebooks, allow sponsored posts, and more. Blogging becomes profitable if you dedicate your energy to making it successful.

Start Affiliate Marketing

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As a beginner, you could help promote someone else’s products and earn some percentage in commission. This is the basis of affiliate marketing. Two common ways are known. You may promote informational products, like ebooks, sites, even videos and be eligible to earn almost 50% in commission. 

You could also be an Amazon partner and help promote goods, write up Amazon descriptions and earn commission. Promoting informational products is virtually easy to enter. You should have some knowledge of SEO writing before delving into this field.

Have An E-Commerce Store

While affiliate marketing puts you up against the best in the business, e-commerce allows more space. There is still plenty of room for improvement in the e-commerce field. You could be the one to bring the needed change with your products. Your competitors will be old businesses, with old sites, who may not have much internet presence via marketing. 

To be successful in this field, you need to be dedicated and unique. To make e-commerce successful for you, choose a familiar and unique niche, then incorporate some recommended marketing techniques and stay dedicated.


Numerous online business ideas do exist. Even though some of them are saturated, some others are not. Ultimately, you stay self employed, have a flexible schedule, and get to earn money. Hence, we discuss some self employment ideas earn money blogging and others for beginners.

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