Personal Blogging Ideas for Beginners: How to Earn Money From Blogging -

Personal Blogging Ideas for Beginners: How to Earn Money From Blogging

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People planning to begin personal blogging are always on the lookout for tips and the hottest topics for a successful blog. There are many bloggers that make a living from blogging and enjoy the freedom of working from home. They wish to learn the latest blog topics and how to discover more lucrative blog topic ideas for newcomers.

If you’re new to blogging, it is important to discover what your readers are interested in and what they are not. It takes research and experimentation before you can find your niche. In order to discover your niche, try to think outside of the box as far as how you approach your next post. If you stick to the same old topic, it will not bring in new visitors.

Personal Blogging Ideas

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One of the best personal blogging ideas is to explore affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has made thousands of bloggers a great deal of money. It is possible to do the same for you. There are thousands of affiliate programs that you can sign up with and begin making money. Many of these programs will provide training and mentoring as well.

When looking for personal blogging ideas, the first thing you should do is to look at your existing hobbies, interests, and niches. Once you determine what your topics will be, look around at other people’s blogs to see what topics interest them. You might even do a quick internet search to see what types of articles others are publishing based on their niches. There are several websites that offer this service. These websites also keep track of the most popular and most visited blogs in various niches around the world.

Another excellent personal blogging idea is to discover what other people are talking about within the topics you have chosen for your niche. Look at popular blogging sites such as Livejournal, Blogspot, and Mybloglog, or pay a visit to one of the big forums that exist on the internet. See what types of questions or problems others are having. Pay close attention to the “hot” topics of the day and see what type of solutions other bloggers are providing.


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Once you have determined what you will be writing about on your personal blogs, you need to choose topics that have wide appeal. Remember, some topics will attract a certain audience, but not others. For example, a topic about how to attract money would not be a good fit for most people. However, a topic on how to get a girlfriend would be a very good fit. In order to attract an audience that will help you make money, you must narrow down your topic to more specific topics. As long as the topic you choose is broad, you will attract just about anyone to your blog posts.

You can also use the interested community to brainstorm ideas. There is a wonderful community on Pinterest that allows you to find interesting topics from people in your exact niche. If you do not have any interest groups, you can always use Google to search out interesting topics. Try to keep your posts relevant to your Pinterest niche, though, because your interested community members will only appreciate your insightful posts if they are able to relate to the specific information you share with them.

Bottom Line

Personal blogging is a great way to earn money through the internet. If you have never ventured into this type of writing before, you will want to take baby steps and research the topic before you start delving into it deeply. Write about topics you know a lot about, which will help keep you from becoming overwhelmed. As you gain experience, you can branch out into other niches. You will be glad that you took the time to do some research and write about topics that will allow you to make a living online.

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