Interior Design Blogs: Top 5 Interior Design Blogs You Need To Check Out -

Interior Design Blogs: Top 5 Interior Design Blogs You Need To Check Out

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If you are an interior designer, then a good interior design blog is your second home, a place where you can learn a lot and grow. There are so many great interior designers out there, each doing an amazing job at providing inspiration, information, motivation, and sometimes challenges through their work. There’s an interior design blog dedicated to every whimsy, every shade of color, every type of furniture. This is a list of the best interior design blogs around.

Interior Design Bride: This is a blog by an American interior designer named Susanna Reed. She blogs about what’s new in home decor, how to do it, everything she’s learned from other designers, and, of course, weddings. She’s written over 9500 words of posts and has photos to prove it. She’s a wonderful writer and doesn’t seem to age (well, hardly). Every entry contains a small bit of advice or something new to add to your home decor. Some topics include: What to do if you’re getting bored with the colors you chose for your wedding and honeymoon, tips for decorating a boy’s room, or even something to help you remember when planning your first home.

Cute Interiors: Interior Design Blog

This blog is all about matching and contrasting. It’s all about bringing out the best in people, nature, light, color, and style. There are several affiliate marketing links at the top of each post, and they lead to a PayPal button to take you to a sales page where you can find sponsors and offers. The best part is they don’t require any monthly fees, and you can basically become an affiliate for them and start earning money with just one click of your mouse. So, it’s like having an interior designer right at your fingertips!

Great Recipes:

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With over 14k followers, this blog is definitely a favorite among bloggers who love to share recipes with their readers. It’s also a great way to express your inner creativity and showcase your talents as an interior designer. You’ll be able to find several recipe guides on this blog that inspire you as well as provide you with many ideas to implement at home. There are also links to recipes that you can directly source from wherever you can find good cutlery, linen, furniture, and other interior design accessories.


The main page of this great way to earn money offers you the ability to search around for inspiration. Categories cover interiors, painting, and furniture design. It’s an ideal place to brainstorm creative ways to combine what you’ve learned from your reading and from the blogging community. There’s no rule that says you have to use up all your inspiration in one day. You can take your time and come up with ideas over a period of a few days or weeks.

Useful Contact Info:

There are several email options provided in this interior design blog, which allow you to interact with other bloggers on the site. You can send them private messages, post questions, and receive answers from other bloggers. Some blogs even allow you to join discussions online with fellow bloggers, exchange links and invite others to visit your blog. The forum aspect of these blogs is pretty active, with many people expressing ideas online. You can definitely use this as a means to find inspiration or ask for advice.

A Few Interesting Features:

Not only does this blog offer regular posts, but you can also interact with other bloggers, leave comments, and read the blog archive. There’s also a photo gallery where you can click on some of your favorite photos to see how they look on various surfaces. To really spice things up, you can create your own profile. Other readers can read your comments and responses, which can be helpful if you want to share your decor ideas with others. To top it all off, you get the opportunity to interact with some amazing content, decorating ideas, and experiences of other readers at no cost at all!

Interior Design Inspiration at The Pinterest Factory:

Pinterest is one of the top social media sites on the internet, and many people think it’s great for sharing interior design ideas and experiences. However, it also offers some great benefits to bloggers wanting to monetize their blog, including paid reading and posting advertisements. For instance, if you’d like to place an ad on your blog, simply log in and click on “Advertising” on the left-hand navigation bar. Select a category, enter your target keyword and wait for the ad to appear on your Pinterest page! To make it even better, there are many more benefits available, including free stickers and wallpapers to give away to readers.

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