Instagram Blog – How it Works

Instagram Blog is primarily a social network but it also works as a search engine and archive. Everybody thinks it is a place just to posts photos and videos. What if I told you that you can even start blogging here? This platform allows you to use up to twenty-two characters. That would be more or less around 400 words in your caption. Better the caption, more the engagement. This platform will actually divert more traffic to your account. They will provide you with more viewership in the long run. Provided your content is creating a lot of engagement. That is, people are reading, liking, and commenting on your account regularly.

How to start blogging

Instagram Blog – How it Works
Instagram Blog – How it Works

So if you want to start your own blogging on this platform, it is actually really very easy. There are three things you must have :

  1. An Account on this platform
  2. Having a theme is equally important
  3. You need to have an app to write

This platform allows you to write directly on the app. The problem is if you try to write more than a couple of sentences. You will run into issues trying to format your text. If you are a serious writer, you should use outside sources. Try and find an app that will allow you to write in readable chunks. You can use the Caption Writer App alternatively. Also, please check your grammar and spellings before posting.

Instagram Blog – How to Promote your Blog

To get noticed, constantly share amazing photos, videos and interesting content in your account. But that is not enough. Stand out from the crowd is the one that you need. Create a loyal and interested audience. A few tips to help you grow your followers and make your account a great one.

  • Pick a good username
  • Select your niche (and stick to it)
  • Tell a story
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Geotag your discoveries and places
  • Follow, tag and engage with your Insta-mates
  • Use the Slideshow to introduce your blog post
  • Stories and more stories
  • Post regularly
  • Engage, engage, engage, and repeat.
Instagram Blog – How it Works
Instagram Blog – How it Works

Instagram Blog – How to Make Money

You can make money through this platform easily. On your unique brand of the content, audience, and commitment level it depends. Try the following ways:

  • Sponsored posts for brands that require your audience.
  • Making a commission and affiliate marketing selling other brands’ products.
  • Your own online store – selling a digital or physical product, or offering paid services.
  • Selling licenses for your photography or videos.

It doesn’t necessarily rule out another in chasing one revenue stream. The most common approach we should start with to monetization on this platform. As an influencer, It is being a partner with brands.

Instagram Blog – Top of their Game

There are several people out there who are earning a fortune by blogging on this platform. You should follow them for inspiration and knowledge. Some of these top bloggers are:

  1. Jack Morris
  2. Elma Beganovich
  3. Emily and Corey
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