Book Blogging Ideas - Why Not Start An Official Instagram Account -

Book Blogging Ideas – Why Not Start An Official Instagram Account

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One of the best book blogging ideas to come along in some time is blogging about your books. If you have an expertly written book, that’s great. If not, well that’s not a problem. You can still use the blog concept to do what you normally do with blogs, add in book summaries, and post comments on other peoples’ blog posts. You can also use other book blog posting idea generators, read other people’s posts on book blogging, and view what other book bloggers are writing regarding your particular genre.

The most exciting of all the book blogging ideas that I’ve heard is Instagram. It seems that every other celebrity is using Instagram to update their fan page on Facebook and to update their clients on new projects, events, and even albums or holiday gift selections. Now I’m not a huge Instagram fan, but I’ve seen some amazing pictures of some of my favorite authors and graphic artists, so it may be worth checking out if your celebrity or artist has an Instagram account.

Some other book blogging ideas I’ve heard are: use WordPress, take reader questions on a forum, write a guest post for another blogger, sell advertising or affiliate products on your blog, make lists of recommendations and send them to readers. One thing I will caution you about though, if you’re thinking of using any of these strategies please research your tactics first, and never recommend something just because it worked for someone you know. This is one of the most important tips when starting your own blog. So many beginners make the mistake of spamming forums and sending emails to everyone they think may have questions about their niche.

I’ll highlight one particular strategy that you can use to increase your traffic without spending a lot of money, and that is search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization or SEO is all about using keywords and key phrases in your content to help get your site ranked higher in search engines. In addition to using SEO to help drive more traffic, you can also use social bookmarking and other forms of social marketing to increase your SEO. For example, some bloggers use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to market their books, and others blog using WordPress. All of these social marketing tools can really help increase your SEO ranking.

Another one of the great book blogging ideas I’ve heard is to start a blog specifically for book reviews. Some bloggers will create book reviews for their readers, or for other people who might be interested in their books. In turn, they will leave book reviews for the books themselves. I highly suggest that you invest in a good book review website in order to maximize your SEO efforts.

Bottom Line

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Finally, if you do not have an account with either Instagram or Facebook, then it’s time you made one. Even if you don’t have an account now, it never hurts to start one. I started my first social networking account a few years ago after I started my blog, and I would not be able to do it without either Instagram or Facebook. I believe that if you are an SEO expert or someone who creates content for other people on a regular basis, then you should consider using social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram as part of your book blogging strategies.

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