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Best-Rated Books about Blogging

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There are many expert bloggers out there who are earning well with blogging. To help other budding bloggers, they have written some books offering tips and advice. Here is a list of the top-rated books about blogging.

How I Made $45K Blogging in 1 Year while Working Full-Time – Natalie Bacon

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In this book, Natalie shares her blogging experience as she writes the book, and that is what makes this book different. Natalie’s book is a monthly journal of everything she did to promote her blog. She has mentioned her trials and errors and also written about what worked and what not. She even shared an income report of each month, so you know exactly how she earned $45K. In the beginning, she also shared her main focus of each month. For example, one month she wanted to concentrate on affiliate marketing. Here she explained everything she did to grow her affiliate revenue. The shares that she has written that did not work very well, helps us not to make the same mistakes ourselves.

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging your Way to a Six-Figure Income – Darren Rowse

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Darren Rowse enjoys giving good blogging advice. He is one of the OG bloggers and he seems to know everything. His book has topics for bloggers to choose a blog topic, analyze the market, set up their blog, grow their blog and eventually start earning money. His advice is super actionable and that is what makes it worthy to read. He gives detailed instructions on how to make your blog eventually hit a six-figure mark.

The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers – Sally Miller

This book not only brings awesome and actionable advice for bloggers, but it also brings something different to think about. Sally’s book digs deeper at the habits and systems of six-figure bloggers.  She has shared with us the habits, backgrounds and characteristics of 17 successful bloggers and their business strategies. In this book, she has shared three specific habits all the bloggers shared. These can be easily adopted for your own blog. 

Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott

A new blog requires necessary traffic to become a hit. Lena’s book is all about growing your traffic. Anyone who reads this book for the first time understands these new tricks about growing a traffic blog. Every tip she shares has some credible success to it. Lena checks her blog stats to see whether she has record-high views month after month, only to realize that her traffic actually dropped. To regain her traffic, she tried another strategy every day, until she reached a 17,000 page views to over 400,000 page views in just 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts

There is  so much more to blogging, that it is tough to get everything and achieve everything with your first try itself. You need to keep on trying new strategies until you come to a satisfactory earning and web-traffic.

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