Best Books About Writing That Will Help You Improve Your Skills


As a rule, writing is difficult. It might be even more difficult to define oneself as a writer. It can be a little tough to pen down exactly what your thoughts are. Hence, we have collected six of the best books about writing. No matter what the subject matter,  these best books about writing cover everything from grammatical rules to publishing guidance to personal stories. Insight and knowledge may help you at every level of the writing process in these best books about writing.

1. Dreyer’s English By Benjamin Dreyer

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Dreyer has served as Random House’s copy head for more than two decades, ensuring that the famous publisher’s standards are kept. He is adored by authors and editors alike, as well as his social media following, for his humorous erudition in dissecting the English language. One of the best books about writing not only for authors but for everyone who wants to put their best literary foot forward, he distils all of what he has learnt from the countless works he has copyedited.

2. The Forest For The Trees By Betsy Lerner

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When it comes to aspiring and experienced authors, the publishing house might appear to be a maze. In her role as a field guide, Betsy Lerner uses her expertise as a journalist as a guide. Forest for the Trees helps authors overcome their fear of the unknown, which in turn inspires them. A person’s inner demons of self-doubt and laziness are more important than conquering the environment.

3. The Elements Of Style Illustrated By William Strunk, Jr & Ebba White

Despite the fact that The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White is so well-known, we had to mention it. When it comes to writing, this is the only style guide that has ever appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. Maira Kalman has illustrated this version, bringing a touch of flair to the classic. This is truly one of the best books about writing. 

4. Sin And Syntax By Constance Hale

Veteran copywriter Constance Hale wants to make creative communication, whether it’s poetic or illegal, accessible to everybody. There are many unusual syntax secrets revealed in Sin and Syntax (such as how to use—gasp!—interjections or when to pepper your text with colloquialisms) that result in sinfully wonderful writing.

5. Naked, Drunk, And Writing By Adair Lara

This is one of the best books about writing for everyone who writes memoirs or personal essays. Teachers, editors, and writers may all benefit from Lara’s expertise. She’ll show readers how to handle their families once they’ve seen their work, and how to locate an agent who will battle for them. When it comes to helping people share their stories with a little bit of tough love, humour, and passion, Lara’s book is priceless.

6. Bird by Bird By Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott is experienced in writing. Among her numerous blockbusters, she has written seven novels (with another on the way) and nine nonfiction titles. Among the topics covered in Bird by Bird, her 1994 book on the craft of writing, are how to get started, how to accept the shittiness of a first draught and more. What she has to say, what she has to say, and what she has to say are invaluable.


These were six of the best books when it comes to writing. All the necessary information from A to Z is provided in these amazing books.

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