Article: The Simple Explanation

The article is written for a large audience. The main motive behind writing these is that they should be published. Writings like magazines, newspapers or journals make a difference to the world. They may be topics of the writer’s interest or might be about current issues.


The three main categories of the author’s purpose summarize the acronym PIE. It stands for persuading, inform and entertain. There are many other reasons to write, PIE represents the author’s main objective.

Write a compelling Introduction

Article – A simple Explanation
Article – A simple Explanation

Master the opening line. To make the introduction robust, you need to open with a strong first sentence. Think of something unique to say but keep it simple. Speak directly to the reader and explain what the writing is about. Try and explain the importance of what you are writing.

Article Format

To draw the attention of the readers, organize your writing in a proper way. These are the basic outline for the writing format:

  1. Title or Heading
  2. The writer’s name is at A-line.
  3. The body is the main part that has 2 – 3 paragraphs.
  4. The recommendation or anticipation should be the ending of the paragraph as the conclusion.

Deliberate on the topic you want to write about. Think of your topic and enterprise further steps:

  • Find the reading group target or the audience concerning.
  • Find the goal or objective of the topic.
  • More information to collect as possible. Also, identify or select the details that are most significant.
Article – A simple Explanation
Article – A simple Explanation

Article – Final Step: Writing

While writing, always uses proper grammar, spellings, punctuations and vocabulary skills. The introduction of the topic must be interesting, catching, and short. In an organized and descriptive manner, discuss the matter and the opinion. The following points that you need to keep in mind about the format in writing :

  • Unique and relevant for the topics.
  • Interesting and easy to read to get attention.
  • Clear, eye-catching, and stimulating should be the title.
  • Use your vocabulary skills to make the introduction highly attentive or for the start, try to use some interrogative words.
  • Make assertions and use clear statements.
  • Do not go over the top with logic and reasoning to avoid repetition.
  • Use the points which interest the general public and not only you.
  • Logical and good ending.

Common Mistakes Of The Articles

Mistakes are inevitable even you know the writing format steps. One common mistake is making the language too formal. For better understanding, write in an easy language. Some writers forget to insert paragraphs. The common mistakes are not using facts or quotes and expressing strong personal views. Don’t forget to mention that they are your views and you don’t represent anybody else.

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